Watershed Management Certification


Watershed management requires an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Law, policy, community planning and development, stakeholder involvement and resource economics contribute as much to solutions as engineering, biology, hydrology and chemistry.  To meet this challenge the Michigan Water Environment Association, working with the Institute of Water Research (IWR) at Michigan State University has developed an interdisciplinary educational program that offers professionals with responsibilities or interest in watershed management a unique opportunity to acquire certification ONLINE. 
Anyone with responsibilities or an interest in watershed management will find these courses extremely beneficial.
  • Consultants 
  • Policy Makers 
  • Civil and Environmental Engineers 
  • Instructors and Researchers at Universities and Research Institutions 
  • Professionals from Municipal and Government Engineering 
  • Landscape Engineers and Architects 
  • Public Works Personnel 
  • Regulatory Staff 
  • Scientists 

Benefits of this program include:
  • Interdisciplinary approach to watershed management
  • Affordable, flexible paced courses
  • Knowledge and skills obtained enhance your resume
  • Framed certificate awarded upon program completion
  • Complimentary 1-year MWEA Membership

Certification Requirements

1) Program participants will be required to enroll in the program for just $30 and complete the online courses. To complete each course participants must pass a course test with a score of 80%. 

Course 1: Basics of Hydrology            
Course 2: Addressing Water Quality      
Course 3: Socioeconomic Considerations, Institutions & Management Issues
Course 4: Developing & Implement Watershed Management Plans
Course 5: Tools & Modeling for Watershed Management
Course 6: Understanding Soil Erosion & Sediment and Pollution
Course 7: Historical & Legal Issues of Watershed Management 
Course 8: Best Management Practices (BMP) – Drain and Water Resources Maintenance

2) Within 24 months of enrollment, participants must attend ONE (1) MWEA Watershed event. Annual events offered included the Watershed & Stormwater Seminar and Watershed Summit. As a certification program participant, the required event fee will be waived.  You MUST contact MWEA to notify them which event you will be attending.
    Watershed Summit: typically scheduled for every March
    Watershed & Stormwater Seminar: typically scheduled for every December

Certification Guidelines

Online courses are designed to be flexible to accommodate personal schedules. In general each course should be completed within three weeks. Participants are expected to complete the entire program within 24 months. Courses need not be taken sequentially and can be taken simultaneously.  Each course is offered entirely on line and can be accessed 24/7.  
Each course cost: $100 each. 

Getting started

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