MWEA Awards 

Dan Wolz Clean Water Award for Environmental Excellence
  • George Davis, Davis and Davis Law Offices PLC
Collections Systems Professional of the Year
  • Mike Ortiz, City of Grand Rapids
Donald M. Pierce Award
  • Rick Varga, City of Grand Rapids
Doris Van Dam - Operations Professional of the Year
  • Catherine Winn, F&V Operations
Educational Professional of the Year
  • Nathan Callison, South Huron Valley WWTP
Excellence in Service
  • Gary DeKock, Retired
Honorary Membership
  • Sandra Diorka, Delhi WWTP
  • Teresa Seidel, US EPA
Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) Professional of the Year
  • Robert Carlstrom, City of Grand Rapids
Maintenance Professional of the Year
  • Bill Poelma, City of Grand Rapids

New Professional of the Year
  • Scott Hall, Fleis & VandenBrink
Outstanding Vendor Support
  • Dan Sroka, Trace Analytical Laboratories
P.K. Sarda Lab Professional of the Year
  • Lauren McIntyre, City of Grand Rapids
Public Utility MGT Professional of the Year 
  • Theodore VanAken, Holland Board of Public Works
Regulatory Professional
  • Stephanie Kammer, EGLE
Sustainable Energy
  • Grandville Clean Water Plant
Willard F. Shephard Award
  • Jack Barr, Nederveld Associates
  • Evangelia Belia, Primodal Inc
  • Randy Bunce, Waterford Twp. DPW
  • Michael Dearing, Union Township
  • Matthew Farrar, Muskegon County Public Works
  • Laura Gruzwalski, Johnson & Anderson DLZ
  • Scott McGrady, Waterford Twp. DPW


Arthur Bedell
  • Tim Sikma, City of Wixom
William Hatfield
  • Aaron Vis, City of Wyoming Clean Water Plant