New Deadline!

Monday, August 26, 2024 - for EGLE Municipal Application

MWEA Operator Training Classes

Our training classes include useful learning for all wastewater professionals, including but not limited to: operators, lab techs, engineers, maintenance techs, etc. Each class is designed to do a deep dive into that course topic and truly broaden your knowledge.

Classes are instructed by veteran industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. Some classes may have the opportunity to supplement classroom learning with a brief tour of the facility. Locations are available throughout Michigan.

It is recommended that you begin with our Purpose and Fundamentals of Wastewater class, but not required.

For a detailed description of each class CLICK HERE


MWEA Exam Prep Courses

Our Exam Prep Courses are designed to supplement the information covered in our Operator Training Classes. It is a refresher of subjects that are need-to-know for taking the EGLE Municipal Wastewater Exams.

For C and D exam takers, it is recommended that you've taken at least: Purpose and Fundamentals, Math 1, Sludge 1, and Maintenance 1.

For A and B exam takers, it is recommended that you've taken at least: Math 2, Sludge 2, Maintenance 2, and the classes recommended before the C and D review.

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Make sure to get your exam application in early with EGLE, to be approved. The sooner you apply, the sooner you know if you've been approved. Information on Municipal Exam Dates and Deadlines can be found HERE.