Biosolids - Land Application

All About Land Application of Biosolids

  • DID YOU KNOW… that 50% of wastewater treatment plants in Michigan treat their biosolids for land application?
  • DID YOU KNOW… that Michigan regulates land application of biosolids to a higher standard than required by the Clean Water Act, and restricts application for phosphorus levels?
  • DID YOU KNOW… land appliers of biosolids now have management guidelines that provide recommendations on practices that can reduce the chance of odor, dust, and nutrient runoff?

Here is the place for local governments, concerned citizens, and wastewater professionals to find information about the land application of biosolids: summaries of the rules and regulations, links to resources and research, and management guidelines for land appliers.

Printable and Downloadable PDFs:

  • Biosolids Facts
    • What are Biosolids? An Introduction to biosolids
    • Why use biosolids? – Beneficial use of a previous waste stream
    • Differences between biosolids and sewage sludge
    • Levels of treatment for biosolids
    • Who regulates biosolids in Michigan? EPA, MDEQ, and MDARD regulations
    • Where can biosolids be applied? MDEQ land application program and rules
    • Concerns and responses regarding use of biosolids
    • Contacts for Further Information
  • Biosolids Facts - Supplement 1
    • Class A EQ product vs Class B Regulations
  • Biosolids Facts - Supplement 2
    • Phosphorus Management
    • Sources of phosphorus and how phosphorus becomes plant available
    • Nutrient Recommendations
    • Nutrient Application
  • Land Application of Biosolids in Michigan: Management Recommendations
    • Site Selection
    • Onsite Storage
    • Land Application
    • Landowner Assistance
  • Biosolids Information Proposal
    • The Need
    • The Partnership
    • The Project
    • The Outreach