Committee Seminars

Annual One-Day Committee Seminars

These training sessions are highly focused on specific areas and address regulatory issues, industry innovation, case studies, etc., much like our conferences. These programs often include six to eight different presenters and are often held in the Lansing area as a central location between our members.These events offer five to six hours of continuing education contact time (0.5 - 0.6 MDEQ CECs or 5 - 6 PDHs) and are also considered 'repeatable' by MDEQ, which means you can attend the seminar for CECs each year because the agenda changes yearly.

SeminarTime of Year
Operators DayEarly February
Infrastructure Funding*Early February
Local SectionsLate April
LagoonsEarly May
Lab PracticesEarly May
IPP (Industry Pre-Treatment Process)Mid September
Northern MI Wastewater OperatorsMid September
CollectionsEarly October
Sustainable EnergyMid October
Health & Safety*Returning Spring 2018 
ProcessEarly November
Maintenance Fall
Watershed & Stormwater Early December
*This seminar is currently not worth any Continuing Education Credit from MDEQ

Operators Day

Operators Day is a training opportunity that is held each year in conjunction with Joint Expo. Operators can attend for one or two days to learn about a variety of topics specific to plant operations. Past topics have included Emerging Contaminants in Groundwater & Surface Water, Corrosion Control, Lab Safety, Line & Leak Locating, SCADA, electrical maintenance, backflow prevention and much more.

Infrastructure Funding Seminar

This seminar has been developed to provide relevant information to Utility Owners, Managers, Superintendents, and Consultants associated with infrastructure systems.  Attendees will be informed of current funding programs and what other utilities are doing to stay ahead of today's challenges with infrastructure systems.

Local Sections Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.5 (Managerial)
Course Code:  

Local Sections have the ability to host their own continuing education seminars, giving training and information that is pertinent to their local members.

Lagoon Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.5 (Technical)
Course Code:  1177

The Lagoon Committee holds a seminar each year to bring attendees up to date about continuous improvements in lagoon operations and other important information. Different speakers are brought in each year share their insights and experiences gained over many years.

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Lab Practices Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.6 (Managerial)
Course Code:  

The Lab Practices Committee hosts a seminar each year to present new methods, give updates on current testing & standards, discuss lab safety, and troubleshoot issues facing environmental labs. Some past presentations have touched on Green Chemistry, Staff Changes & Retirement, Laboratory Techniques, Asset Management, Working with Local Labs, etc.

Industrial Pretreatment Process (IPP) Seminar

MDEQ CECs:  0.6 (Managerial)
Course Code:  
1060 or 1870

The Industrial Pretreatment Program Committee has sponsored fall seminars for many years to give updates on key IPP issues. These specialized seminars focus on current issues and require significant knowledge of the underlying regulations and concepts. IPP Seminars are intended to be more practical with basic IPP training by experienced professionals in the field. The topics covered range from basic regulatory concepts to interacting with significant industrial users and implementation of successful strategies.

The 2019 IPP Seminar will be held Tuesday, October 8th at Eagle Eye Banquet Center in East Lansing, Michigan. 

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Northern Michigan Operators Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.6 (Technical)
Course Code:  1751

The Northern Michigan Operators Committee hosts a seminar each year to discuss topics relevant to operators, particularly in the smaller municipalities of Northern Michigan. Topics have included funding, maintenance, IPP, electrical components and discussions of all treatment types.

The 2019 Northern Michigan Operators Seminar will be held Tuesday, September 17th at The Otsego Club in Gaylord, Michigan

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Collections Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.5 (Technical)
Course Code:  

This seminar is designed to get operators, vendors and engineers in the same room to discuss the technical opportunities available for operating and maintaining collections systems. With such a vast range of experiences in one room, collections system personnel will have the opportunity to discuss solutions to issues they may have as well as sharing their successes.

The 2019 Collections Seminar will be held Wednesday, October 16th at Eagle Eye Banquet Center in East Lansing, Michigan.

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Sustainable Energy Seminar

WW MDEQ CECs: 0.6 (Managerial)
WW Course Code: 2505
DW MDEQ CECs: 0.6 (Managerial)
DW Course Code: 2500

The Sustainable Energy Committee hosts a seminar to serve Michigan’s wastewater community with information and training about energy efficiency based on WEF’s Energy Roadmap. Energy is a significant line item in budgets of water and wastewater treatment plants, and this seminar will provide ideas for reducing your plant’s energy profile.

The Process & Sustainable Energy Committees are joining forces to host the Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Conference on Wednesday, October 17th & Thursday, October 18th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Battle Creek.

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Health & Safety Seminar

WW & DW MDEQ CECs: 0.5 (Other)
WW & DW Course Code:  

The Health & Safety Seminar is designed to update water and wastewater utilities on current regulations and safe practices required when working on collections and distribution systems within Michigan. Health & Safety is of the utmost importance in the wastewater industry, so anyone involved in the treatment process is encouraged to attend.

The 2019 Health & Safety Seminar will be held Thursday, September 19th at the Eagle Eye Banquet Facility in East Lansing, Michigan.

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Process Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.5 (Technical)
Course Code:  

The Process Committee hosts a seminar each year focusing on process optimization and using technology as an aid. The objective is to provide a range of information on new issues facing facility operators and managers, treatment technology developments and the process by which alternatives were evaluated and worked at a variety of facilities.

The Process & Sustainable Energy Committees are joining forces to host the Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Conference on Wednesday, October 17th & Thursday, October 18th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Battle Creek.

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Watershed & Stormwater Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.5 (Managerial)
Course Code:  

This seminar is held each year to connect Watershed professionals and give updates pertaining to Watershed and Stormwater protection. Topics in previous years have included Stormwater Asset Management Plans, Emergin Changes to Stormwater Rules, Stormwater Quality Controls, Legislative Updates, Groundwater Recharge Projects, and funding.
The 2018 Watershed & Stormwater Seminar will be held Tuesday, December 4th at the Lansing Community College West Campus in Lansing, Michigan.

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Maintenance Seminar

MDEQ CECs: 0.6 (Pending Technical CEC's)
Course Code:  Varies

Maintenance Seminars are held to discuss topics specific to the maintenance of Water and Wastewater equipment and are worth both Drinking Water and Wastewater CECs. Previous seminars have focused on Lubrication; Technical Pump Applications; Valve, Gates, & Actuators; Understanding Contract Documents & Blue Print Reading; and Pump Station Maintenance. 

The 2019 Maintenance Seminar will be held Tuesday, October 29th at Eagle Eye Banquet Center in East Lansing 

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