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Dear industry supporter and prospective advertiser,
As a staunch supporter of and contributor to the water quality industry in the great state of Michigan, we know that you and your company have a vested interest in its well being. As President of the Michigan Water Environment Association, representing more than 1,700 water quality professionals statewide who are dedicated to preserving, restoring and enhancing Michigan’s water resources, I can assure you that we share the desire to make our industry as strong, vibrant and progressive as possible.

To that end, we welcome you to the new and improved MWEA MATTERS. EXCLUSIVE to our region, MWEA MATTERS plays a vital role in our industry’s building and strengthening process. To meet the growing needs of our organization and our members, we believe it is time to take our publication to the next level. In coming issues, you will see an exciting new graphic design, enhanced content, full process color printing, and much more. From featuring major projects and providing timely news to dealing with important issues, profiling industry professionals and helping our members become better prepared to meet the numerous challenges they face, our quarterly MWEA MATTERS magazine will increasingly become an important communication vehicle within our industry.

As we strive to ensure that our magazine fulfills its important responsibility, I urge you to take full advantage of its potential to effectively promote your company’s products and services, and to demonstrate your commitment to and support of the water quality industry in our region. When you  are contacted by a representative of our magazine publisher, Craig Kelman & Associates, I sincerely encourage you to make the most of this high- impact and meaningful marketing opportunity by including MWEA MATTERS in your promotional plans for the year ahead. It is definitely a win-win situation for all concerned.


Jennifer Wagner,
MWEA Board of Directors President

As the official magazine of the Michigan Water Environment Association, MWEA Matters is committed to providing a strong and informative voice in providing efficient and environmentally protective water quality and wastewater management services throughout Michigan.

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MWEA Matters magazine is presented in its entirety to MWEA members and other industry professionals on the MWEA web site. That is the extra exposure of print AND online advertising at NO EXTRA COST.

MWEA Matters has a controlled circulation of 2,500 that reaches public and private operators and managers, engineers, wastewater consultants, scientists, environmentalists, regulators, public officers and municipal leaders. MWEA Matters will reach these qualified decision makers four times per year in this billion dollar market.
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