The Dan Wolz Clean Water Education Grant

Dan Wolz
Clean Water
Education Grant


....working to educate our youth in the importance
and value of the
Clean Water Profession

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Dan Wolz was a dedicated, passionate man who left a huge footprint on MWEA and our industry.
   When Dan passed away, we immediately began taking inquiries about where to contribute to his memorial fund. We've tried to devise a plan befitting his legacy.
  Dan was truly a VISIONARY. Like many great visionaries and world changers, he often struggled to gain acceptance for many of his ideas because he was simply so far ahead of his time.
   We believe the time has arrived  for all of us in the Clean Water industry to get behind two of Dan's passionate visions; Public awareness of the great contribution to society made by this industry and generating interest in the great career opportunities our industry offers.
   The need to raise the quality and quantity of Clean Water Industry education in Michigan's public schools has never been greater. Perhaps it's just lucky timing or perhaps it's through divine intervention, but the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA) had recently been given the charge to "teach science more to jobs." When we approached them with the idea of collaboration, it was warmly received.
   Dan was a man that most certainly took action with the courage of his convictions more boldly and more often than most. We now follow that example.

It is our intention to send one Michigan science teacher each year to WEFTEC.

We feel the possible positive result could have a major impact on the future of our industry.
   Long term goals - We would hope that after 10 years we would  not only have 10 science teachers in Michigan that are HUGE fans of MWEA and our industry because they have been WOWED by WEFTEC and WEFTEACH (a full day program at WEFTEC that is dedicated to and designed for teachers),  but that we would also have hundreds more science teachers who will have a great deal more knowledge and respect for our organization and industry as a result of experiences and stories that are shared by each recipient of the Dan Wolz CWEG.

The Bio Chef
Dan really understood teaching. He knew that stretching people's comfort zones was the best way to get people to remember his message.

P O BOX 397
Bath MI 48808

   In recognition of the passion Dan had for education, the plan is to work with MSTA to devise a grant proposal and award format that will both inspire and motivate science teachers to learn more about MWEA and our industry.
   Part of the criteria for the recipient of the annual Dan Wolz Clean Water Education Grant, is an agreement to make presentations at both the MSTA and MWEA annual conferences.
   Past recipients of the Dan Wolz Clean Water Education Grant are:
  • 2007 – Mary Lindow, Battle Creek
  • 2008 – Emily Curry, Jackson Public Schools
  • 2009 – John Martin, Waterford School District and Don Hammond, Flint Beecher High School
  • 2010 - Gary Cousino, Rochester Community Schools and Douglas Morrison, Manistique Middle School
  • 2011 – Susan Tate, Whitehall Middle School Detroit Public Schools
  • 2012 – Chris Groenhout, Grandville High School,
  • 2013 - Dave Chapman, Okemos High School
  • 2014 – Tammy Coleman, Lowell High School and Randy Cook, TriCounty Schools
  • 2015 - Josh Nichols, Heritage Elementary School and John Travis, Williamston Community Schools
  • 2016 - Connie Atkisson, Thirkell Elementary-Middle School and Lea Sevigny, Central Middle School, Forest Hills Public Schools
  • 2017 - Sarah Gerborkoff, Houghton Middle School
  • 2018 - Holly Hereau, Thurston High School
  • 2019 - Chelsea Bender, Grand Haven High School and Carolyn Mammen, Old Mission Peninsula School
  • 2020 - Jennifer Edwards, Ronald Brown Academy and Christina Marvin, Reeths-Puffer Intermediate School
   The results we are seeking would be students throughout Michigan who will have a much greater awareness and appreciation of the contribution this great industry makes to our society and maybe even become inspired to choose a career path that would make them a part of that contribution.

....just like Dan did.

The task is large.
The need is great.
The time is now.

Please help us with this BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal (Dan would have loved that).

Contributions may be made to the MWEA with a simple earmark to be used for the Dan Wolz Memorial Fund.

The Adopt-A-School grant program is also available.

  • To promote relationships between schools and their local Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRF) or the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA);
  • To provide small grants to schools for various water quality related projects;
  • To provide speakers to present on water quality subjects to the schools, and;
  • Where feasible, arrange plant tours for the participating classes or schools.

 Typical funding will range from $200 - $1000. 


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