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Dan Wolz Clean Water Education Grant

Read more about the Dan Wolz Clean Water Education Grant here, and find out how to apply through the Michigan Science Teachers Association here.

Joe Keefe
Education Grant Chair

Teacher Resources

Water Tools for Teachers

Michigan Watershed Teaching Guide

Flush Program - Information about guided tours for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and their parents to local Wastewater and Drinking Water Plants.  Scouts will have fun while learning about the science of water, water infrastructure and the importance of this natural resource.  Scouts can earn a merit patch for attending the tour.

Michigan Water Stewardship Website for easy-to-find resources for educators on a wide range of environmental topics.  These materials are for a variety of ages from pre-school to adult.

Water Sourcebook CD-Rom  K-12
Order No: ZC1100
Publisher: Water Environment Federation (WEF)

The Water Sourcebook CD-ROM K-12, is a comprehensive guide for use by teachers and water quality professionals. Designed for use by teachers and water quality professionals, the activities teach youth through experimental learning methods the importance of preserving and enhancing water resources. Chapters on drinking water, wastewater treatment, groundwater, surface water, and wetlands, offer a wide variety of hands-on activities that teach about virtually any water quality or quantity issue. Activities from all four grade level version of The Water Sourcebook are combined on this CD-ROM version with correlations to U.S. educational standards in science, geography and social studies. One activity of entire chapters can be printed. Requires Windows 95 or above, 16 mb of RAM, 10 mb of available hard disk space and 386 or Pentium processor-based or similar personal computer. List Price:  $10.00. Call WEF at 1-800-666-0206.


Healthy Watersheds

“Healthy Watersheds” presentation is a tool to assist members, teachers, and water professionals, in educating our youth and the general public about watershed issues.  The focus is on the Great Lakes as a resource, with a unique Michigan perspective. The information provided encourages people to get involved in their watersheds because everyone lives in, works in, plays in, and impacts watersheds.  It describes the benefits of healthy watersheds and the problems with unhealthy ones. The disc includes pre- and post-evaluations to determine the effectiveness of the presentation and also includes a list of ten things that individuals can do around their home to keep their watershed healthy. Cost: $7.00. Please send to:

PO Box 397
Bath, MI 48808
Ph. 517-641-7377


Water Environment Federation Teacher Resources

It's never too early to get involved in protecting the global water environment! The Teacher Resource page of the WEF Website features a variety of resources and programs to help students and teachers learn about water and the importance of protecting and preserving our water resources.


Great Lakes Energy Service - Renewable Energy Mobile Classroom

Green Schools Energy Resources for Teachers

- Use National Energy Education Development (NEED) materials to earn Green Schools points.

The Michigan State Legislature passed the MI Green Schools law in 2006 to provide structure and incentives to school administrators, teachers, parents and students to improve their environmental practices. Yearly statewide competition results in Green Schools designations for schools that earn enough points by using fewer natural resources, conducting educational outreach and presentations and saving scarce school operating funds through efficiency and conservation measures. More information



More information can also be found on the MWEA Public Education Committee Webpage.