Proposed Constitution and Bylaws

Dear MWEA Members, 

Over the last couple of years, the MWEA Board of Directors has spent a significant amount of time reviewing and updating the association’s Constitution & Bylaws and Statements of Policy (SOPs).  These two documents define the structure of our organization and provide the policies by which we operate. 

The proposed Bylaws provide a more simplified document, while more detail has been transitioned to the SOPs to allow flexibility as the association faces new and exciting challenges. The details that remain in the Bylaws will ensure we maintain a strong foundation, even as the policies may adapt over time to meet the needs of the association and our members.    

Here is a summary of the key changes to the Bylaws:
  • The name was changed from “Constitution & Bylaws” to “Bylaws” to align with this same change recently made by WEF.  The MWEA “Articles of Incorporation” is a separate document that serves as the Constitution.
  • Redundancies were eliminated so that information is in only one of the two documents, rather than both. This will make it easier to update in the future. 
  • General duties of the board of directors remains in the Bylaws (Section 7.6), while the detailed descriptions of duties for each board member (Section 7.7) were moved to the SOPs. 
  • Details for the process to nominate/elect new board members (Section 7.8) were moved to the SOPs and a reference to the SOPs was added to the Bylaws.
  • Terms of Office (currently Section 7.9) is no longer a standalone section.  The terms are defined under specific duties of board members (Section 7.7)
  • Some committee details have been moved from the Bylaws to the SOPs to keep all committee details consolidated in one place and to remove duplicate reference between the two documents.  This includes:
    •  Local Sections (Section 7.9) 
    •  Committee chair requirements (Section 10.2)
    •  Structure and Duties of Management Committees (Section 11)
    •  Formatting changes were made to provide a cleaner look, and section numbers were updated accordingly.
At the Annual Business Meeting on June 28th at 8:30am*, we will conduct a vote for approval of the proposed draft Bylaws. If the Bylaws are approved, the SOPs would be updated accordingly and posted on the MWEA website with the new version of the Bylaws. The current and proposed Bylaws are available on the MWEA website for your review:


PROPOSED VERSION (click to view PDF)

I am confident these changes will streamline our operations and help to better guide us going forward.  Thank you to all the board members who have contributed so much time and effort to this endeavor.  

If you have comments or questions, please contact me at  We value your input and appreciate your support of MWEA. 

Best Regards,

Michelle LaRose
MWEA Board of Directors President

*Please note if you are NOT registered for Annual Conference (either as an attendee or a speaker) but still want to participate in the Annual Business Meeting you can do so here:  
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting on June 28th.