Proposed Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee of the MWEA Board of Directors has completed an extensive review, revision, and reorganization of the Constitution and Bylaws (“C&B”). In conducting its work, the Committee received and considered input from various other experienced members of the Association and staff.
The proposed changes to the C&B include the following: 
  • The MWEA mission, vision, core values, and strategic direction have been updated and restated to reflect MWEA’s current Strategic Plan.
  • The functions and duties of specific Board Members have been clarified and updated.
  •  The more extensive involvement of the MWEA Executive Director and staff in MWEA functions and activities has been more accurately reflected.
  •  MWEA practices and procedures in general have been updated to reflect actual current practices and procedures.
  •  The C&B clarifies that MWEA may finance lobbying activities in support of advancing legislation that benefits its membership, provided that such efforts receive Board support and do not threaten the MWEA’s status as a 501(c)(3) entity under applicable laws and regulations. 
  •  Conflicts and inconsistencies in the C&B language have been identified and resolved or removed.
  •  Certain provisions not required to be contained in the C&B have been removed to be subsequently addressed by the Board in the MWEA Statements of Policy.
The revised C&B as proposed by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee will be voted on by the membership at large at the Annual Business Meeting on Monday, June 25th, 2018 at 11:30 this year’s Annual Conference at Boyne Mountain.   If any member has any questions or comments regarding the proposed C&B revisions, please contact George Davis, Board Secretary and Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
View the proposed Constitution and Bylaws document here.