Position Papers

date title description
11/09/11 Financial Sustainability Position Wastewater utilities need user fees adequate to cover the costs of service, regardless of possible state / federal assistance.
11/09/11 Infrastructure Funding Michigan should take infrastructure money, when offered by the Federal Government.
01/28/08 Joint AWWA/MWEA CAFO Paper Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
05/01/07 Resolution for Climate Change Climate Change
05/01/07 Privacy Policy MWEA will protect the privacy of its members.
01/01/06 Groundwater Use Management in Michigan MWEA will promote wise groundwater use management throughout Michigan
11/01/05 Stormwater Utilities calls for action to either amend the state constitution to provide for certain utility fees, or to pass legislation to specifically allow collection of user fees to fund essential municipal services, including those related to storm water management.
09/01/01 Sourcewater Protection The MWEA membership support federal efforts for the continued development of a National Source Water Contamination Prevention Strategy, integrated state WHP and SWP programs and local efforts to institute SWP activities.
01/01/99 Imperviousness The MWEA encourages rational policies to effectively manage imperviousness and control NPS pollution in a watershed management context.