Michigan Water Network (MWN) e-newsletter

The Michigan Water Network (MWN) is hosted and operated by the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA), which will serve as an information conduit and repository for important news, data, facts, etc. pertaining to the water-related issues  of Michigan and the Great Lakes. MWEA will work in concert with enlisted subscribing organizations to disseminate information to their members regarding “All things water.”
Topics may include information on and materials for:
  • late-breaking, water-related news
  • public education
  • emerging issues
  • recruitment of young people to the water profession
  • instructions/suggestions for contacting local, state and federal officials, etc. 
The MWN gives the Michigan water community an opportunity to unite and cooperate in efforts to keep water-related issues on the minds of the public and the decision makers. This will create a high profile point of reference for those seeking information on matters of water and will generally increase collaboration within the water community as it best serves the public interest.
MWEA has begun enlisting “Subscribing Organizations” who will be provided messages and materials. There are no dues or subscription fees. These groups can then decide whether to disseminate such information to their members regarding “Michigan Water Network” issues. An added benefit for all is that the subscribing organizations will become good resources of information and materials as well.
The MWEA initiative has the intent of taking the dual approach of disseminating information for the purpose of public education and also assisting organizations and individuals in enlightening decision makers in many levels of government. Rather than acting as lobbyists for the organizations, MWEA will be providing strategies, materials and encouragement for individuals to contact decision makers as constituents and voters.
Two important definitions:
Information conduit and repository: MWEA has the requisite infrastructure and capabilities to facilitate this communication network, including circulating information economically and efficiently via internet communication, and making the information available on their website.
Subscribing Organization: Organizations that have similar interest in the quality of Michigan’s water environment which choose to receive and (when they deem appropriate) pass along the provided information and materials to their members.
MWN Subscribing Organizations will be listed on the MWEA website and offered the opportunity to have a link to their own website. MWEA will generate broadcast emails which will be sent to a designated contact person. The subscribing organization then determines on a case by case basis whether to rebroadcast those emails to their membership.
The original emails will arrive From: MWEA, Subject: Michigan Water Network (Bulletin, Update, etc.). When rebroadcast, they will then have the appearance of being sent by (From:) the subscribing organization. Cancelation of Subscribing Organization status may be requested via email at any time.
If you would like to subscribe to the Michigan Water Network, fill out the Subscription Form and fax it to MWEA at 517-641-7388, email it to mwea@mi-wea.org, or mail it to the MWEA office: PO Box 397, Bath, MI 48808.

If you are an organization that has requested to receive the e-newsletter, we encourage you to forward it to others within your organization or other affiliate organizations of yours that you feel would benefit from this information.

Also, please consider contributing water-related articles and information for inclusion into the e-newsletter by sending them to MWEA at mwea@mi-wea.org

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