Doc Harte's Posters

Doc Harte? 
By Jerry Harte, MWEA Executive Director

I’m not really a doctor, I’m just trying to get a job playing one on TV. So why on Earth do I show up at most of our MWEA events looking like I’m prepared to take a gander at your tonsils? It is my way of living up to my commitment to constantly remind you folks in the Clean Water business that you are an integral part of the health care industry. The affect of the outfit has been exactly what I had hoped for – dozens of conversations have evolved from the wisecracks that the doctor’s apparel evokes (and so richly deserves). These discussions almost always end in the same fashion, with all parties involved, smiling and nodding as I’m passionately driving home the same points over and over again:

  • The work of our Clean Water Practitioner-members is Michigan’s first line of defense against contamination.
  • Public Health begins with a clean, safe, healthy watershed.
  • The people who impact the quality of the watershed most are our beloved Clean Water Practitioners.

The MWEA Image Committee has developed four “Time Clock Posters” which can be obtained via email, printed at your facility and posted in conspicuous places (maybe even by the time clock) to remind everyone in the Clean Water business just how important their work is and of the huge, positive impact they have on our society and the quality of life in Michigan. Printable Time Clock Posters Anyone may request electronic versions of these posters by emailing the office at Additionally, we would love to hear about any ideas you may have regarding other image-raising, public-awareness type posters or messages. Why not try a poster or two to help with awareness and attitude? My best advice? Post at least two and call me in the morning…