2017 MWEA / WEF Award Winners

The following is a list of 2017 MWEA & WEF Award Winners presented at the 92nd Annual Conference at Boyne Mountain.  Here is the Awards Program with descriptions of the awards and a mini-biography of the recipients.
MWEA AWARDS:                                                                 WEF AWARDS:
Collection Systems Professional of the Year
Professionalism and excellence in Collection Systems

Kyle Curie
OHM Advisors
Arthur Sidney Bedell
Extraordinary personal service to a WEF member Association

Brain Hannon
Moore & Bruggink
Dan Wolz Clean Water Award for Environmental Excellence
The highest honor given by the MWEA and awarded to a person of chief prominence in the water environment field

Keith McCormack
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.

George W. Burke Jr. Safety Award
Outstanding establishment & maintenance of a safety program in a Wastewater Treatment Plant

SUEZ - City of Wixom
Donald M. Pierce
Outstanding performance in a Municipal facility

David Monette
City of Warren WWTP

  William D. Hatfield
Outstanding performance and professionalism of an Operator in a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sherrie Elliott
City of Petoskey
Educational Professional of the Year
Professionalism and promotion of water resource education

Donald Carpenter
Drummond Carpenter, PLLC &
Lawrence Technological University
  Lab Analyst Excellence
Outstanding performance, professionalism and contributions to water quality analysis profession

Jaime Fleming
City of Wyoming Utilities Department

Excellence in Service
Extraordinary service to the Association in a non-leadership role

Gary Timmer

  Life Membership
35 years of WEF membership

Stephen Aiken
Duperon Corporation
Executive Director
To acknowledge extraordinary personal service to the Association

Jim King

Larry Woodard
  Life Membership
35 years of WEF membership

Steve Wordelman
Jones & Henry Engineers Ltd

Health & Safety Award
Professional excellence & promotion of Health & Safety

Linden WRRF

Large Facility Award

SUEZ - City of Wixom
Small Facility Award

Health & Safety Professional of the Year
Professional excellence & promotion of Health & Safety

David Thibeault
Genesee County Water & Waste Services
Honorary Membership
Exceptional contribution to the Association

George Davis
Davis & Davis Law Offices PLC

Christine Kosmowski

City of Kalamazoo

IPP Professional of the Year
Professionalism and excellence of the IPP field

Elaine Venema
Fleis & VandenBrink

James R. Rumsey Award
Best paper given at an MWEA or WEF Conference

Sue McCormick
Great Lakes Water Authority


Kenneth J. Miller Founders' Award
Given by Water for People to honor outstanding volunteer service to international humanitarian effort

Lorene Bruns
Duperon Corporation

Loring F. Oeming
Professionalism and excellence in an Industrial Facility

Walker Modic
Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Maintenance Professional of the Year
Professionalism and excellence in Plant Maintenance

Ryan Stetler
Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
New Professional of the Year
Dedication to MWEA while relatively new in the field

Michelle LaRose
Adam DeYoung
Moore & Bruggink
Operations Professional of the Year
Professionalism and excellence as a Municipal Operator

John Palmer
Mark Houle
Outstanding Environmental Consultant
Outstanding dedication to the Environmental Consultant profession & Association
Jeff Pugh

Brian Hannon
Moore & Bruggink
Outstanding Environmental Engineer
Outstanding dedication to the Environmental Engineering profession & Association

Dennis Benoit
Dr. Evangelina Belia
Primodal US, Inc.

Outstanding Vendor Support
Outstanding dedication to profession & Association

Dave Connors
Waterworks Systems

P.K. Sarda Lab Professional of the Year
Professional and excellence in the Lab Analyst field

Sandy Buchner
Steve Bylsma
President's Award
Extraordinary contribution to protect, preserve and enhance the water environment
Pete Cavagnaro
Jennifer Wagner
Hamlett Environmental Tech Company
Public Utility Management Professional of the Year
Professional excellence and promotion of environment

Catherine Garnham
Jim Nash
Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner
Regulatory Professional of the Year
Outstanding regulatory role in protecting the water environment

Grace Scott
Phil Argiroff
MDEQ Water Resources Division

Residuals Management Professional of the Year
Professionalism and promotion of Residuals Management

Don Popma
Michael Person
Sustainable Energy 
GCDCWWS District 3
City of Grand Rapids
Large Facility

Delhi Township
Small Facility
Watershed Management Professional of the Year
Professionalism and promotion of Watershed Management

Kelly Karll
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)


Recognized individuals who have completed 20 years of membership in the Association. The individuals listed for this award are well known for their association activities and excellence in performance.

Donald Boase, Gary Bunschoten, Ernest Elliott, Rowland Ferwerda, David Fuller, Donald Johnson,
Tom Kooistra, Christine Kosmowski, James McCoy, John McDonnell, Daveda Quinn, Keith Sanders