Online Training

What is Online Training?
One might say that Online Training (OLT) is the bridge between receiving face-to-face instruction and simply reading a book. The learner logs onto a website that has measured amounts of information organized into what becomes an interactive training manual. The modules are designed such that the learner must become involved with the material to be able to proceed to the end. Intermittent quizzes and a final exam force the learner to demonstrate comprehension, much like an instructor tests students on reading assignments. The effect is like a book that can monitor whether or not the reader is paying attention.
It's no wonder that the Online Training industry is one of the world's fastest growing markets. It has proven to be effective and popular among those who have tried it.

Why is OLT an effective supplement to face-to-face training?
  • Much less workplace disruption because staff are not gone all day to training
  • No mileage to pay
  • No overnight or meal expense
  • No travel time - not paying staff to ride in a car/truck
  • No liability exposure from having your staff on the road
  • Continuing Education Credits may be obtained
Program Design Highlights
  • Each interactive learning module is designed to be completed in approximately one hour.
  • The training is self-paced and self-directed and therefore, low pressure.
  • Intermittent quizzes and a final test on each topic,
  • Randomly ordered answer choices to preserve test integrity,
  • Immediate wrong-answer notification to the user,
  • 100% proficiency required to receive a certificate,
  • A real-time on-screen clock to verify time spent on course material, and
  • Automatic "bookmarking" to maintain the user's place in the course material, should training be interrupted.

Online Training Instructions

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Current Course Offerings
Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
Each module is worth 0.1 CECs. Once a module has been successfully completed, the system will produce a certificate of completion. The certificate is printed at your site and signed by both the learner and a supervisor. Both signers are attesting that the person logged on is the one who actually did the course work.

So what does this marvelous addition to your training options cost?
Each interactive learning module costs:$30 for MWEA members
$30 when purchased in blocks of seven (7) or more *
$35 for non-members when purchased in blocks of six (6) or less
* Many organizations will appreciate the convenience of purchasing the modules in large blocks (10, 20, 50, 100, etc.)